Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Book of the Day

 Looks can be deceiving. Taliesin Weaver looks like a normal teenager who plays soccer and sings in a garage band. He is that teenager…but he can also remember all of his previous lives, including one as Taliesin, King Arthur’s bard. Not only that, but he can use the abilities of all of those previous lives, including the original Taliesin’s ability to work magic.
Unfortunately, someone else in his town knows who Tal really is and wants to kill him because of something that happened in one of those past lives. Tal might be able to fight back, if only he knew who was out to get him. He has no way of knowing, though, and his enemy poses a bigger and bigger threat each day, not just to Tal but to family, his friends, even his entire town.
Can Tal figure out who his enemy is and how to defeat him or her in time? Perhaps not. After all…looks can be deceiving.

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